According to the manufacturers, the safe service life of the bearings is approximately 8,000 operating hours. Turbomed Kaizen S.A. is always ready to undertake the rebuilding of the Ball and Roller Bearings using the latest technological developments. The repair can be performed either through a direct sale, or through an exchange.

Their repair is performed as follows:

  • The parts of the bearing are disassembled.
  • The old Ball and Roller Bearings are replaced.
  • The rest parts are cleaned, measured and it is evaluated whether they should be replaced or not.
  • The bearings are reassembled.

Types of bearings:

  • Latest technology LA70/TA07 bearings, which are manufactured as a whole, in order to have elasticity and absorb the effects of vibrations on the Ball and Roller Bearings.
  • Latest technology LA36/TA04 bearings, manufactured with a high resistant steel casing (of black colour), which reduces the hazard of generation of cracks in case of high unbalance of the rotor shaft.
  • Old type LA34/TA01 bearings, which, however, are not recommended by our corporation, as they have been withdrawn from the market by the manufacturer of the turbocharger and have proved to be low standard ones.

In case it is required to convert the specificat╬╣╬┐n of your turbocharger to a LA36/TA04-type or a LA70/TA07-type turbocharger, it is necessary to replace some further parts of the lubrication system (due to the different design), which are included in the overhauling kit.

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